Sunday, November 8, 2009

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #03 - Joey's First Flight and My First Passenger

In this episode I discuss my first flight taking up a passenger, my 14 year old son Joey.  Which also happens to be his first General Aviation flight.

I wanted to make this flight fun for him so that he would continue to fly with me.  I felt it was important to keep Joey involved so that he would be part of the experience and not just a bystander, hoping that this would keep him relaxed and more interested in the flight.

So my goal for this flight was a New Experience. A new experience for me, taking up a passenger and a new experience for my son, flying in his first GA airplane.

So at the end, the flight was a success. My goal was met. Not only did Joey enjoy the flight and wants to keep flying with me, but he wants to start taking lessons.

We are already planning and looking forward to our next flight together. Now I need to work on his sister, brother and mother.

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