Sunday, September 19, 2010

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #13 - The World's Greatest Aviation Adventure

Hello Everybody. This episode is my recollections and imperessions of my first trip to Oshkosh.

We spent 3 days at AirVenture, camping at Camp Scholler. I participated in Podapalooza on Friday night along with other aviation podcasters. This trip was very special for me since I was able to share my passion of aviation and my first trip to AirVenture with my sons. This was our first "boys" trip together and what a trip it was.

The one thing that I will take from this trip is how social media is helping to bring people together, especially the aviation community. I met many of my "social media" friends for the first time in person at Oshkosh. We have all become friendly through Twitter, forums and listening to each other's podcasts. Even before I arrived at Oshkosh I already had meetups scheduled with my friends. So instead of not knowing anyone there, I had parties and meetups to go to. This is what our small community is all about. Strangers coming together with a single, common interest and hanging out like we knew each other for years.

You can see my pictures from Oshkosh at

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Special Shoutout to my sons, Robert and Joey.

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Blues skies everyone!

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