Saturday, June 18, 2011

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #18 - Going Paperless With The iPad

Hello everybody. In this episode I talk about going totally paperless in the cockpit using the iPad. More importantly I talk about my flight with Colleen. If you remember, our last flight was memorable for all the wrong reasons. I made 4 BIG mistakes and Colleen felt a little sick at the end (see Episode #09 - Colleen's 1st Flight in the PiperSport and my 4 Mistakes). When I asked if she would fly with me again, she said she didn't think so. This crushed me. So this flight was very important to me. I wanted to get her back in the air and make sure that she was comfortable and having fun. Otherwise she may never fly in a GA airplane again.

I also discus how I use the iPad. I pay special attention to the workflow and the apps that I use. I wanted to make sure that the flow was natural and that I could find all of the apps and information when needed. This is only a suggestion. You are the PIC and must decide what is appropriate for you.

I hope you enjoy the retelling of my flight.


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2) Stuck Mic AvCast Podcast

This is the newest member of the aviation podshere. It is hosted by good friends of The New Pilot PodBlog
Len Costa (The
Rick Felty
Victoria Neuville
Carl Valeri

Please go to iTunes and subscribe to this excellent podcast. I did.

3) Colleen

A BIG shutout to my daughter Colleen for having the faith in me to take her flying. I really love sharing my passion for flight with my children and was so happy that Colleen came with me. She had a great time and is willing to fly with me again. 

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