Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #06 - My First $100 Hamburger

Happy New Year everyone.

In this episode, I talk about my flight with Joey to the Wings Sports Bar and Grille in Hartford (KHFD) for our first $100 hamburger trip. This is the trip that we had tried to take before but could not due to weather and traffic issues. Well, we finally did it. The weather was perfect and the burgers and wings were great. Have a listen as I discuss the issues I had along the way and what I learned from the trip.

I also discuss an accidental Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast meetup with John Wellington and how I recognized him from Rick Felty's great videos.

I talk about a couple of upcoming aviation films which are in progress, A Pilot's Story by Wilco Films (Will Hawkins from The Pilot's Flight Pod Log) and AcroCamp by AirSpeed's Stephen Force.

I introduce an excellent new aviation podcast, The Mile High Flyers. Four regular pilots from out west who do a little hangar flying. These guys and gal are great. Wonderful chemestry and a lot of fun to listen too.

Finally I discuss some ideas of what I would like to talk about in the future and ask for any ideas you may have and if anyone would like to be a guest on the podcast.

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Blues skies everyone!

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The intro and closing song is John Mellencamp's My Aeroplane.

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