Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #19 -The Civil Air Patrol Discussion

Hello everybody. In this episode I have invited special guests to a round table discussion the Civil Air Patrol. I have always been interested in joining and had some questions. So I decided to invite some very special guests, who are all members of the Civil Air Patrol to answer some questions and talk about their experiences in the Civil Air Patrol. I figured if I was interested in joining and had some questions, some of the listeners of this podcast might also have questions and might be interested in hearing about the Civil Air Patrol.

We discuss many different subjects including how to join, the different types of squadrons, the commitment level required, the aircraft, the different jobs, the history and the mission of the Civil Air Patrol. The listener who is a pilot will be interested in hearing about what he or she can do with his or her private pilot's license. For the student pilot or a person interested in becoming a pilot, he or she will interested in the discussion of whether he or she can get their Private Pilot's License through the Civil Air Patrol (hint: the cadet member can the senior cannot, but he or she can get advanced ratings).

I learned a lot about the Civil Air Patrol and am planning to join (I will keep everyone updated). This is a great organization where young people can gain very important skills that will serve them well for the rest of their life and where anyone can do great work and server their community and country.

For anyone interested please go to http://gocivilairpatrol.com/.

As a note, everyone who participated in this discussion were speaking as individuals and their comments do not reflect the views of the Civil Air Patrol.

Future Discussion

This is first in a series of discussions I am planning to have on different things that a new pilot, or for that matter any pilot, can do in addition to the $100 hamburger.  Hopefully this will get the juices flowing of anyone thinking about getting their PPL or kick-starting a dormant pilot.

If anyone would like to hear about a specific subject, please email me. I will try to set up a discussion about it.


I will like to thank my guests for spending 2 hours with me discussing the Civil Air Patrol.

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