Monday, December 20, 2010

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #15 - The iPad in Aviation

Hello everybody. In this episode I invite a group of friends into the virtual hanger for a discussion on using the iPad in aviation.

I recently purchased one and was trying to figure out how best to use this new, exciting tool. I took it up with me during a flight in the PiperSport and was very impressed with it. I immediate knew that the iPad will be great tool in my flight bag but I was unsure how best to fit it in my workflow, from preflight, enroute and post flight. To get a better understanding on how others use this cool, new toy, I decided to ask some friends who have already been using it. I figured that if I had these questions, others might have the same questions or at least be curious on using the iPad. So I decided to invite them to a round-table discussion to learn how they use it, what apps they use and to get any tips that might help me figure out how to use it in my flying.

I hope you enjoy it.

Show Notes:
Highlight of what was discussed:
  • How reliable is the GPS
  • What apps does each guest use and how the use them
  • Will the iPad replace paper charts
  • Until the chart margin information is included in the apps it will never replace paper charts
    • A side note: after the episode I tried Flight Prep iChart and found that it displays the margin information
  • The stitching of different charts and from TAC to Sectional
  • The utility of being able to see where you are on a section/TAC and not just on a topographical map
  • There is a concern that pilots will be looking inside the cockpit instead of outside even more with the iPad
  • Concern about the simulated flight instruments and pilots relying on them
  • The iPad as n educational tool
    • FAA PDFs
    • eBooks
    • Jason Miller's (The Finer Points) communication app
  • How to mount the iPad
    • RAM mounts
    • kneeboards
  • Anti-glare screen protector
  • Adam's custom pre-flight checklist that includes the iPad 
  • Social Networking
    • How and fit in
  • Logbooks
    • Log Ten Pro
    • Logbook Pro
  • How we use the iPad for fun
    • Angry Birds
    • X-Plane
  • Is it a legal Electronic Flight Bag

    Below are the guests who sat at the round table in the virtual hanger. I have listed the apps that they use and a little information about them so that you get an idea how others are using the iPad.

    Adam Fast @adamcanfly
    • Private Pilot
    • Creator of
    • Used iPad on flight to Oshkosh
    • Apps:
      • ForeFlight
      • SkyCharts Pro
    Mike Miley @mike_miley
    • Co-creator
    • CFI/ME/Commercial
    • Apps:
      • ForeFlight
    • External GPS GNS5870 with Blue Tooth
    Larry Overstreet @larryoverstreet
    • PPL/Instrument/Glider
    • uses iPad in Piper Cub
    • Apps:
      • ForeFlight
      • Pilot FAR/AIM
    Mike Daniels @Mike_Flys
    • Crew member of the Mile High Flyers Podcast
    • PPL
    • uses it to plan dream flights
    • Apps:
      • ForeFlight
      • Log Ten Pro
      • Air Navigation Pro
      • Motion X 
    Rick Felty @rfelty
    • PPL
    • Aviation Videos on YouTube (
    • Apps:
      • ForeFlight
      • Checklists
      • Bookmarks weather websites
      • Weather apps

    Darren @Shotgun15e
    • Military (2000 hours F-15) and GA pilot (1000 hours SEL)
    • Has taken the iPad to FL350
    • Apps
      • iFlyWhere
      • ForeFligh
      • Skycharts Pro
      • Air Navigation Pro
      • Wing X Pro 7
    I use the following apps:
    • Air Navigation Pro
    • iChart
    • Duat
    • AeroWeather
    • AOPA Airports
    • iFlyWhere
    • WingC Pro 7 (only for the AFD)

    Thanks for listening.

    Blues skies everyone!

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    Please send comments and suggestions.

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    The intro and closing song is John Mellencamp's My Aeroplane.

    Direct access to the mp3 is here


      1. Thanks for having me on!
        During the recording, I couldn't remember the reason I thought we could replace paper with an electronic version. I looked it up and it's all based on "Advisory Circular 91-78 "Use of Class 1 or Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)" at the links below. You need to know the data is current and has a backup. For me, I use an iPad and an iPhone with the data... two electronic versions satisfies the test. or$FILE/AC%2091_78.pdf


      2. Thanks Mike. Advisory Circular 91-78 clearly states that an EFB or ECD (Electronic Chart Display)can replace paper sources as long as it is current, valid and up-to-date as verified by the PIC.

        Also it cannot replace any system or equipment(e.g. navigation,communication, or surveillance system) that is required by 14 CFR part 91. So Mike Miley's concern about using the iPad in place of flight instruments is valid and the use is illegal.

      3. Very informative episode, Robert, thanks (to you and all the contributors). And thanks for introducing me to your iPad in person at Nashua last weekend.

      4. Hey ya! Great episode. My CFI has been using the iPhone and more recently the iPad for aviation since they came out. You might be especially interested in his home-spun knee board solution.

        I believe most of his posts on the subject would be under the EFB tag.

      5. Rick

        It was great meeting you at the UCAP meetup. See you next time.


      6. I'm a helicopter pilot in British Columbia, Canada, and I am also looking into using the ipad for flight. One of our big issues we've noticed with the Garmin 696 is its size. I think the ipad is about the same size. Does anyone know if RAM or another mount manuf. is going to come out with a cockpit friendly ipad mount?

      7. Steve

        RAM does have an mount for the iPad. Mike who was a guest on the show uses a RAM mount.


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