Sunday, March 21, 2010

The New Pilot PodBlog Ep #08 - My Flight in the SportCruiser AKA PiperSport

In this episode I again do something a little bit different. This is my first Pilot Report. I discuss my first flight in a Czech Airworks SportCruiser. Piper Aircraft has just recently announced that they are dirstibuting this sleek and sexy airplane as the new PiperSport

You can read more about the new PiperSport at

I discuss my first flight with Mike Bellenir in this cool aircraft. I had always wanted to try the SportCruiser, ever since Mid Island Air Service got one on the flight line at Brookhaven (KHWV). I have always been a low wing-guy and, although I love flying the Eaglet, it never felt right. So when I saw the SportCruiser, I knew I had to fly it. Plus, Joey has said that the SportCruiser is the plane he wants to take lessons in.

So have a listen and hear what I like and dislike about the SportCruiser and what I learned on the flight.


1) The Pilotcast - episode 74 is hysterical and a must listen. Dave Allen (The Pilot's Flight PodLog) and Steve Tupper (Airspeed) join the crew for some aviation trivia. Plus they mention yours truly and The New Pilot PodBlog.

2) The Pilot's Flight PodLog ( - episode 57 is FANTASTIC! Dave and Will interview Nick Spark, the producer of the documentary, The Legend of Pancho Barnes. This movie sounds great and I plan to pick up a copy.

3) Piper Aircraft for bringing the PiperSport to market and bringing credibility to LSA.

Thanks for listening.

Blues skies everyone!

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Here are some pictures of the N529SC

P92 Eaglet and the SportCruiser side-by-side.

A sleek looking bird.

A close-up showing the canopy and panel.

All glass panel.

Nice profile!

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